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Packaton Sdn Bhd

About Packaton Sdn Bhd

Your Trusted Manufacturing Distributor

Packaton works closely with policy-makers around the world in the promotion of sustainable packaging solutions. With our eco-friendly & biodegradable packaging solution, we’re able to reduce the pollution caused & help to make our globe a better place for living. Every action & production we made has taken the environmental impact into consideration. With our team of expert, we consistently promote, innovate, & develop new sustainable solutions for the market. Our employees have made it possible for us to serve our customer with these eco & quality packaging solution for everyday use.

Our Story

Packaton is the leading paper bag manufacturer in Malaysia. We supply & export eco-friendly paper bags solution while working to reduce the environmental pollution of the world.

01.Supply Chain
Effective supply chain management throughout the product pipeline to make sure every process is carried out efficiently, enable us to deliver more in less time.
02.Quality Material
From the sourcing to the handling of material, we take them seriously. We ensure that all our materials are sourced sustainably and with the best quality.
03.Efficient Production
With our innovative fully automated paper bag production plant in Malaysia, that never stops, allows us to deliver the highest quality product at the most competitive price!

Continuous Improvement

Established in 2018, Packaton has planted the gene of continuous improvement in every aspect and every individual who works in the company. Continuous improvement of Packaton happens in every aspect of the business, from the material, production, customer experience, management, to day-to-day operational activities. With this, we’re better at serving our customers and satisfying their requirement with our packaging solutions. Today, we have a wide range of product portfolio with an engineered solution designed to satisfy our client’s packaging requirement.

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Packaton Sdn Bhd

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