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Pola Paperindo Jayatama

About Pola Paperindo Jayatama

Packaging is one of the most important aspects in marketing. An attractive packaging will draw attention, and at times can also decide a product’s selling point. Businesses in HORECA and FMCG understands the importance of the packaging concept. With the current global situation, consumers in the food and beverage (F&B) industry heavily consider the safetiness of the packaging aside from the taste and price. A reliable packaging must be able to secure the sanitary measures while maintaining the quality of the food and drinks, to help minimize any chances of contamination.


PT Pola Paperindo Jayatama, or widely known as POLA, is one of the leading company in the disposable paper packaging for the F&B consumables. Established since 1997, POLA emphasizes on quality and personalized service, and has continued to develop more range of practical, reliable and eco-friendly disposable food packagings.


POLA pursues to become your global partner for disposable food packaging. We understand the value of branding and are committed to being a market responsive company, delivering a wide range of innovative quality disposable food packaging products and providing excellent customer service. It is important that we should nurture and grow with all our customers while providing them with the right disposable food packaging solution.

Experience. Flexibility. Innovative. Quality. The cores of our strengths.  

Trust. Integrity. Relationships. The cores of our values.

More than just cups, we hope to thrive together with you through this partnership.

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Pola Paperindo Jayatama

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