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About VertiVegies

Our Story

We are a Singaporean Indoor Vertical Farm that uses precision controlled environment farming technology to deliver traceable, wholesome and safe food throughout the year for our consumers.

We believe everyone has a right to trace the origins of their food & how it was produced. It is with this philosophy that we started our Research in Indoor Farming in Singapore in 2014. Our processes have evolved over the years to embody sustainability in every aspect of our grow processes, and we strive to create products that respect our Planet and People.

Our smart technology provides us with the edge to constantly study, analyse and react to data. Our Pesticide and Pollution free Farms in Singapore house grow systems that actively regulate temperature, humidity, hydro-nutrition & various input parameters to give our vegetables that edge and ensures they are power packed with nutrition.

All these processes allow us to give consumers a product they can trust and rely upon, and empower them with a choice to consume food that is traceable, nutritious and harvested in a clean and safe environment.

Climate change is making our existing food supply prone to disruption. We are indeed excited to play a part in Singapore’s vision of meeting 30% of the population’s nutritional requirements by the year 2030, or what is being referred to as “30 by 30”. It is with this intent that we are building out Singapore’s largest indoor plant factory spread over 5 acres, which will become one of the most productive Plant Factories in the world. We will soon be able to supply over 6 Tonnes of delicious, flavorful greens to Singapore every day!

Food Security and Nation Building is a motivation for us to be “Farming Fresher Futures” for you and your family!

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