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Wanin Industries Pte Ltd

About Wanin Industries Pte Ltd

Established in 1986, Pere Ocean is one of Singapore’s trusted bottled water, water dispensing & purification system providers for corporate offices & homes. We produce high-quality natural mineral water, pure distilled water, carbonated/ sparkling beverages, isotonic sports drink as well as health-fortified vitaminised drink. As the major OEM bottled water supplier in Singapore, our products are sold at big supermarkets & distributed to airline passengers. Our attractive customised water bottle labels are also suitable as corporate gifts & private events such as weddings/ birthday parties.

We strongly believe that your satisfaction is the key ingredient to our business success. We envision ourselves being your key supplier of high-quality drinking water & healthy beverages. We aim to give you more reasons than ever to Drink to Life! Let us walk with you in your journey towards a healthier lifestyle by drinking more water as well as adopting a balanced diet & being more active.

We see ourselves as a key player in the premium water products market as we offer various products & services to cater to the needs of our corporate businesses, retailers as well as homeowners. Based on our long-standing experience, we have developed product ranges & services suitable for everyone.

Natural mineral waters are the heart of our business. Currently, we’re the only Singaporean-owned water company having its own fresh source of natural mineral water tucked away in the lush greenery of Ulu Tiram, Malaysia. As for our Distilled Water, it is extracted from a natural water source & undergoes a multi-level water purification process to ensure its purity, otherwise known as distillation.

Are you looking for a water bottle dispenser or direct piping water purifier? We’ve both. Available for purchase & rental. Dubbing it “Natural Spring on Taps”, our water dispensers are user-friendly, modern design & most importantly, you can conveniently dispense hot, cold or room temperature

All of our drinks are bottled in high-quality PET bottles. You can find our drinking water packed in small bottles/ large gallon bottles (8L/ 10L/ 19L). Quench your thirst/ re-hydrate your body with Pere Ocean Natural Mineral Water/ Pure Distilled Water as well as replenish essential vitamins, calcium/ fiber with our fortified health drinks that are blended with fresh fruity fragrance for a refreshing taste.

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Wanin Industries Pte Ltd

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