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What You Need to Know About Going Plant-Based as a Restauranteur

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, people have started to show more concern about their overall health. However, this isn’t a new trend.


In past years, multiple documentaries and podcasts have talked about the increasing health issues people experience due to including animal products in their diets. Many of these documentaries have urged people to start eating less meat and more plants to increase their quality of life. Even David Attenborough joined the conversation when he encouraged people to ditch meat. As a result, restaurants have had to make changes to their menus to stay popular within the growing plant-based lifestyle movement.

Organic and Plant Based food Tuck Shop - SaladplateOrganic and Plant Based food Tuck Shop - Saladplate
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The Benefits of a Plant-Based Lifestyle

A plant-based lifestyle has multiple benefits in comparison to a “regular” diet containing animal products. Let’s take a look at them...


Less Pollution

To provide restaurants, grocery stores and businesses with meat and other animal products, animals must be kept on land. There is no way we could otherwise produce animal products. However, not only does this take up space that could be used to cultivate vegetables and fruits, but it also contributes heavily to greenhouse gas emissions. According to the University of Oxford, cutting meat and dairy from your diet can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 73 per cent.


Better for Your Health

Vegetables contain little to no cholesterol, especially LDL-cholesterol. This is the type of cholesterol that sticks to your arteries and plays a significant role in causing high blood pressure and heart disease. Some studies also link a plant-based lifestyle to a lower risk of cancer. This is because processed meat can be carcinogenic. A plant-based diet has many more perks for your health, as long as you follow it correctly.


Saves Animal Habitats

By making space for animal farms, big plots of land are wiped clean. Not only does this harm the natural ecosystem of this area, but it also damages the environment for animals native to that area. Take a look at the Amazon Rainforest in Brazil. Besides that, animals like foxes, wolves, and wild cats are often killed if they are considered to pose a threat to stock raised on a farm. When eating plant-based foods, there is no need to cut down any more trees as cultivating plants requires less land than raising livestock. 

Popular Plant-Based Businesses in Asia

There are plenty of ways to incorporate veganism into your brand - just take a look at these Asian businesses that have developed a creative way of serving plant-based foods and foster plant-based diet awareness....


Elixiba, Hong Kong

Elixiba is a plant-based, eco-friendly restaurant and alchemy bar in Hong Kong. It serves organic food and multiple herbal cocktails and elixirs.


Pun Pun, Thailand

Rather than a restaurant, Pun Pun is a self-sustained, organic farm. It hosts workshops and classes to help people become self-reliant. Besides working at the farm, you can also enjoy a plant-based meal at its restaurant, supporting local farmers in the process.


Free Bird Cafe, Thailand

This restaurant not only provides people with delicious plant-based meals, but also supports the Thai Freedom House Learning Centre, which offers education to well over 60 people who live on-site. From the menu, you can choose various western dishes, as well as traditional Burmese recipes.


Mother Pearl, Hong Kong

You don’t have to be a farm or restaurant to serve plant-based meals. Mother Pearl is a bubble-tea bar in Hong Kong that serves plant-based milk alternatives in all kinds of delicious flavour combinations.

What to Add to Your Menu?

When you’re starting out as a plant-based restaurant, you’ll need a solid base to start with. Most plant-based products contain a form of meat-replacement, as many people enjoy high-protein food. Here are a few examples of things you can serve...


Plant-based Meat

The most popular plant-based meat source at the moment may be Beyond Meat. The Impossible Burger is also a vegan variant of the regular hamburger. Still, if you’d like some vegan pork, you can choose Green Common as your go-to brand. A simple burger can easily be made plant-based with a non-meat burger.

Plant-based protein substitutes - SaladplatePlant-based protein substitutes - Saladplate
Shutterstock: Plant-based protein substitutes

Seafood Alternatives

When it comes to fish-alternatives, Good Catch makes a tasty fish-free tuna to add to your sandwich, and Gardein sells crabless cakes and fish fillets. If you want to make a dish with shrimp, you can go to New Wave Foods.


Chicken Alternatives

Dutch company, The Vegetarian Butcher, makes lifelike vegan chicken pieces. However, if you prefer nuggets over “raw” chicken, you may just want to pick Gardein.



Tofu can be delicious on its own and doesn’t have to act as a replacement for pork, steak or chicken. It’s easy to add to soups or curries, or to make scrambled eggs from. If you want a “pulled pork” texture, you can also try young jackfruit as it’s easy to marinate in any flavour you want.



If you want ready-to-go desserts, ice cream is the most effective option. Just think of Ben&Jerry’s, Daiya, or Oatly. Daiya, however, also serves cheesecakes. If you want to make something yourself, silken tofu, a plant-based cake crust, and some Oreos often do the trick.

Whether you’re planning on starting a business or want to make some changes to your existing one, it’s time to embrace plant-based. Not only does it have significant benefits for your health and the planet, but it may also just give you more profit as it’s a growing lifestyle that will keep on growing in coming years. If you make the change now, you’ll thank us in the future.

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