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Andy Mannhart launches a new product

Andy Mannhart, the leading global one-stop-centre for the sourcing and supply of kitchen equipment, buffet and utensils for hotels and restaurants, has released a new product in June 2021.


Perfect Layering: Handy and practical wheel mounted dough spreader to create precise and regular layers, even in the thinnest thickness. It facilitates and speeds up the uniform spreading of biscuit, sponge cages, chocolate and similar products, sliding on different surfaces, such as baking paper and silicon mats.

LEVEL is designed to rationalise production: It speeds up production time, simplifies steps and reduces cost.


Testimonial by Maestro Pasticcere Guiseppe Gagliardi:

“Level is a tool that I have designed for all those who – like me – are looking for precision and functionality to create perfect products!”


Precise and easy setting: The practical guillotine system of setting the aperture from 0.5 to 20mm allows you to adjust the thickness of the product precisely, for smooth and flawless spreading results.


Fast and regular production: In just a few steps, one person can roll out large quantities of product to the desired size, reducing time and waste, reducing cost and increasing productivity and margins.

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