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Saladplate helps Okinawa Trading break down barriers to international expansion

The Supplier:


Okinawa Trading joined Saladplate in September 2020. The Japanese company specialises in exporting fresh meat such as beef and pork, fresh seafood, processed foods, alcoholic drinks, and many other food products to Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia and Hong Kong. It also frequently promotes Japanese food at events in East Asia and Southeast Asia.


The company has long-established connections with Japanese suppliers of local products, including those rarely available overseas. Its experiences with export trade makes it easy for prospective buyers to discuss products and terms.

Mr Shunichi Abe, The CEO of Okinawa Trading

The Challenge:


Having successfully developed a cold chain logistics solution to maintain the quality of chilled and frozen products, ensuring it can confidently supply export markets, Okinawa Trading set out to expand its exposure – and sales – to wholesalers and foodservice companies across Asia.


Kurobuta Pork Ham (pastrami) by Okinawa Trading

The Solution:


With the Covid-19 pandemic impacting trade shows and international travel, Okinawa Trading turned to Saladplate – the premier international wholesale marketplace for sourcing food, beverages and hospitality products – to help promote its products.


When Saladplate teamed with the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO) to organise a Japan promotion, Okinawa Trading embraced the opportunity to participate, promoting some of its unique and most popular products to a broad international audience.


The results have exceeded expectations, opening the way to successful online meetings with potential customers and considerably expanding the company’s export markets and volumes.


“Since joining Saladplate, Okinawa Trading has found a means to promote its products in a timely manner to overseas buyers,”said Mr Shunichi Abe, The CEO of Okinawa Trading.


“In the past, we have joined promotions held by other platforms, but usually there was no response from buyers seeking business afterwards. However, on Saladplate, buyers have responded with serious business enquiries, giving us a higher chance of doing business.”


With the Japan promotion, Saladplate successfully created a platform for Okinawa Trading to connect with potential buyers around the globe. The number of visitors increased by 414% with an average three minutes stay time on its company page. Such a gain proved that Saladplate helped Okinawa Trading to reach more businesses.


Contact with Saladplate for our 1:1 online business consulting service, and grasp your chance to be our next success story.

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