The road to recovery and a new norm for hospitality will consist of pristinely hygienic and secure establishments that safeguard and serve fewer customers, redefining the value proposition amid a swirl of local health and safety measures. How should hospitality players redefine their business models? Value propositions will be shaped in the context of guests used to social interaction pre COVID-19 now needing to observe higher hygiene standards and varied social-distancing requirements. Technology will no doubt play a big part in creating a more disciplined experience. Will digital transformation lead to further deployment of automation and robotics in hospitality, an industry whose foundation is delivering high-quality, client-facing human interactions?

Food & Hotel Digital Week ( 13-17 July) will explore how the industry is ushering in new norms, technologies and practices, and identify the silver linings to the COVID-19 cloud.

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digital week may 2020
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digital week may 2020
Food Made Good HK
“Our CEO Heidi Spurrell moderated a panel discussion on “COVID-19, F&B & Sustainability: Business (un)usual for our Food Systems”, as part of the webinar “COVID-19 and the Future of Food” with over 1,500 participants around the world throughout the day! It was a really insightful discussion on how COVID-19 has impacted the industry and how the crisis is forcing us to rethink our food system, the consensus being that we need to rebuild better and look to resilience and long-term thinking. We need to consider all of human health, planetary health and animal welfare when transitioning out of the current crisis. Thank you to Informa Market’s Hospitality, Food & Beverage portfolio in Asia, and Saladplate for organising this webinar series!”
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