Meet our speakers
Ahmed Disokey Area Director of Technology and Business innovation Fairmont Hotel
Andrea Tan Owner Lucid Singapore
Ben Gregoire Vice President CKP Hospitality
Bobby Anwar Creative Director Levels Studio
Brent Loken PhD Global Food Lead Scientist WWF Global Science
Debbie Yong Editorial Director Michelin Guide Asia
13:15 – 13:30
13:40 – 14:20
From Pandemic to Non-Tech Innovation – An Action Plan for Independent Restaurant & Bar Owners

Independent food business owners are the backbone of many communities and employ a large number of professionals. The well-being and recovery of restaurants, bars and cafes is imperative. This presentation will look at: ​
- Which management strategies can counter a slow recovery? ​
- How non-tech innovation can be achieved without large investment?
- How sustainability can be good for the bottom line?

Carlos Martin-Rios, PhD, Associate Professor of Management, Ecole Hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL)

14:30 – 15:20
Post COVID-19 Challenges to the Asian Meat Market

Unlike in North America and some parts of Europe, no major coronavirus outbreaks have been reported so far in Asia’s meat industry. As China has started for intensive testing of imported meats, other Asian meat producers and importers remain cautious. Industry leaders and governments play an important role in assuring safety and protection against any risks that could further impact supply chains and prices.

This session will explore the up- and down-stream challenges that impact the meat market in 2020 and beyond.

Gordon Butland, Director at G&S Agri Consultants​
Moderator: ​
Rupert Claxton, Meat Director, GiraFood ​​

15:30 – 16:20
Cafe, Coffee, COVID-19 – Roasting Ideas for a New Normal

COVID-19 changed the dynamics of coffee consumption during recent months and roasters, cafe owners and distributors are identifying specific trends in Asian markets that may expedite a recovery to a new normal. On-premise owners are eager to serve again, though unique challenges remain.

This session will look at specialty coffee roasters, cafe operators, large distributors and brand owners, discussing:

- What is the impact of COVID-19 on production, distribution and prices?​
- What opportunities may be revealed by the increased online and retail sales?​
- How are coffee-shop owners dealing with the fall out in individual countries?​
- What do the consumers think?

Andrea Tan, Owner of Lucid Singapore and Judge of WCE World Brewers Cup and World Coffee Roasting Championship
Emmanuel U Torrejon, Board of Director of Philippine Coffee Board (PCB)
Michael Utama, Owner of Yellow Truck Coffee, Indonesia
Ngoo Anh Dao, President of IWCA Vietnam, Chairwoman of Detech Coffee
U Min Hlaing, Vice Chairman Myanmar Coffee Association and Managing Director of Sithar Coffee Company
Yip Leong Sum, President of Malaysia Specialty Coffee Association (MSCA), Board Member of ASEAN Coffee Federation, Managing Director of Beans Depot

16:30 – 17:20
Live from Paris – A Virtual Demo of Premium French Quality Milk for Barista and Bakery Professionals by Ingredia

Ingredia Dairy Experts is a French dairy company with an outstanding expertise in UHT milk. Committed to sustainability, its UHT milk relies on high-quality specifications. Expert in innovation, Ingredia works alongside its customers to support them to launch new and innovative products.​

Ingredia also develops and manufactures innovative ingredients: dairy powders, functional & nutritional milk proteins, and natural bioactive ingredients - for the worldwide food, nutrition & health industries.​

Prospérité is Ingredia’s UHT milk brand. An eco-friendly UHT milk thanks to a specific and more responsible milk collection, it relies on high-quality specifications: Milk from cows fed exclusively GMO-free grass, it keeps all the nutritional benefits for better health.​

José Luis Pinedo Rivera, Project Manager for Food Applications, Ingredia​

17:30 – 18:30
Digital Detox
9:15 – 9:30
9:30 – 10:20
Industry Intelligence Briefing:​
1) Variations on the Road to Recovery: A Hospitality Perspective ​
2) Digitalising the Customers Experience: Do clients adopt?

Join our morning intelligence sessions to discuss the latest research:​
- What is the state of the hotel and restaurant industry in Asia?​
- Is there a silver lining to an uneven recovery?​
- What should we expect in the next 12 to 18 months in different markets?​
- How willing are consumers to adopt automation technology in restaurants and hotels?​
- How will tourism re-develop and what can we predict for the industry?

Speakers: ​
Jesper Palmqvist, Area Director Asia Pacific, STR Speaker ​
Tim Hill, Key Accounts Director, GlobalData

10:30 – 11:20
Re-Imagine Horeca Design & Experience: A Dialogue

Venue design, brand values and guest experience in the age of social distancing can be a challenge. From fine dining, bespoke hotels to casual bars and family venues, operators have to be innovative in driving value propositions and creating spaces that are functional and entertaining.

To achieve this, digital solutions can be one avenue, with on-site redesigns can be another.

The panel will discuss how to find a balance between the new “normality” and core business strategies that deliver positive guest experiences and strong brand storytelling.

Ben Gregoire, Vice President, CKP Hospitality
Bobby Anwar, Creative Director, Levels Studio
Debbie Yong, Editorial Director, Michelin Guide Asia

11:30 – 12:20
The Now and Next for Tourism, Operations and Hospitality – An ASEAN Hotel Association (AHRA) Roundtable

As ASEAN countries discuss travel bubbles, the easing of restrictions and stimulus packages, hotel industry operators are faced with an uneven recovery and challenging new norms to bring back customers.​The Now and Next for Tourism, Operations and Hospitality – An ASEAN Hotel & Restaurant Association (AHRA) Roundtable

This roundtable will discuss:​
- The state of tourism in respective countries​
- The biggest challenges - but also some opportunities​
- The New Normality, new regulations, and new guest experiences​
- Recommendations for the road ahead​
- New value propositions​
- How to deal with overcapacity​
- The challenges for big chains versus smaller operators​

Eugene T. Yap, President, Hotel and Restaurant Association of the Philippines (HRAP)
Hariyadi Sukamdani, Chairman, Indonesia Hotel and Restaurant Association
Lip Seng Yap, CEO, Malaysian Association of Hotels (MAH)
Margaret Heng, Executive Director, Singapore Hotel Association (SHA)

12:30 – 13:20
Asian Flavors with a Twist – Live Cooking by Chef Ong Jing Qin

With its racially diverse population, melting pot of ethnic cultures and diverse religious traditions, Singapore is a city that epitomises the beauty of multiculturalism. Singaporeans today are incorporating a world of gourmet produce now easily accessible and putting a new spin on local dishes. However, in times like this, access to overseas food supplies may not be easy.

In this cooking session, we will be looking at incorporating Singapore's very own local sustainable & organic foods from its local farms, to showcase Asian flavours with a twist.​

Ong Jing Qin, Sous Chef at SingEx & President of Singapore Junior Chefs Club

13:30 – 14:20
How COVID-19 is Driving Advanced Automation Solutions: From Cooking to Cleaning
14:30 – 15:20
Hospitality Contra COVID-19: Technology Challenging Human Touch?

​Prior to COVID-19, the hospitality sector was experiencing disruption through automation and new technologies which had the potential to change anything from the guest experience to the business model. Now, the industry is facing a slow recovery with lower attendance rates, strict new regulations on safety and security, fewer international travellers and a significant pressure to be back in business.

To discuss the Great Lockdown and what it takes to move forward into a new normal, the panel will discuss:​
- How will new legislation on security and safety impact the guest experience?​
- How will the business model for hotels and restaurants change?​
- What role will technology play in the recovery as well as in a new normal?​
- What resources can governments offer to assist the industry to digitise more effectively?​
- Are there any quick-fix solutions?

Ahmed Disokey, Area Director of Technology and Business Innovation, Fairmont Hotel

15:30 – 16:20
The Future of Work in Hospitality – Technology, Flexibility & Individuality for a Post COVID-19 Workforce

Hospitality and Tourism amount to about 10% of global GDP and for one out of nine jobs worldwide. The sector will be one of the main contributors to the rebound of the world economy and to a job market recovery.

Thus, the panel will discuss:​
- What can companies do to best re-employ jobseekers or retain staff in a slow recovery scenario?​
- Which skills may become more important for employers as well as employees?​
- What major trends will shape tomorrow’s hospitality employment?​
- Which hospitality profession may experience the biggest change?

Speakers: ​
Andy Cuthbert, GM Jumeirah Creekside Hotel, Madinat Jumeirah C&I, Jumeirah Hospitality, Chairman, Emirates Culinary Guild​
John Lohr, Director of Development - School Relations, Hosco
Jeremy Dahdi, Executive Director, International, City & Guilds ​
Ragnar Fridriksson, Managing Director, Worldchefs ​
Rick Stephen, Director of Kitchens at SATS Ltd Singapore and Worldchefs Continental Director for Asia

16:30 - 17:20
The Role of Advanced Packaging Solutions for Food Safety and Security – A Technology Discussion by Mitsubishi Gas Chemical

Achieving Healthier Foods with fewer additives, Fresher Colours/Aromas, Naturally Bright Colours, achieving consumer-distinguishable higher-quality differentiation and thus unit value, while minimising food spoilage/loss, enabling further food security, over enabling higher productivity and achieving greater geographic reach for food and beverage producers. This can be achieved with barrier packaging materials like MX Nylon, as a passive solution, or together with active solutions like AGELESS® Oxygen/Gas Absorbers and OMAC flexibles. Further Enabling HPP, RTC and RTE

Speakers: ​
Albert Lim, Senior Manager, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Singapore ​
Mt Mon, AGELESS Food, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Singapore ​
Ryan Tan, Senior Sales Officer, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical Singapore

17:30 – 18:20
Sustainability, Food and Awareness: Tackling Climate Change One Bite at a Time

With agriculture contributing to about one-fifth of global emissions, largely through food waste and meat consumption, the UN’s ActNow campaign will showcase the efforts and recipes of renowned chefs who are cooking with ingredients that can help reduce greenhouse gases and damage to the environment.

Since 2015, progress has been made across a number of the Sustainable Development Goals. But it is clear that we have to move much faster to achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and the Paris Agreement on Climate Change. The UN’s ActNow campaign aims to inspire even more people to enjoy sustainable, climate-conscious and delicious food.

Alberto Zanata, President and Chief Executive Officer, Electrolux Professional​
Brent Loken PhD, Global Food Lead Scientist, WWF Global Science
Christopher Koetke, CEC CCE HAAC,Chairman, Worldchefs Feed The Planet Committee​
Cristina Reni, Executive Director, Food for Soul ​
Frank Fol, The Vegetable Chef®, Chairman, We’re Smart® Green Guide​
Ingrid Yllmark, Head, Electrolux Food Foundation​
Soon Vau Poon, Teaching Fellow,School of Hospitality, Sunway University

13:30 – 15:30
Horeca - B2B Opportunities for Modern Trade, Cash and Carry Businesses
Organised by Food & Hotel India
16:00 – 18:00
Overcoming the Challenges of Culinary Business in The Future(Language: Bahasa Indonesia)
Organised by Food & Hotel Indonesia

Indonesia has entered the ‘LSSR transition’ (PSBB transisi) period and will move to a New Normal Era this month. This development will have many positive impacts for industry, business and the economy in Indonesia, especially for the food and hospitality industry. The Ministry of Finance Projection of the Republic of Indonesia is also optimistic that the national economic recovery will begin in the third and fourth quarters.

Our speakers will provide analysis and insights into positive projects in the intensely competitive culinary business, addressing branding, human resources and technology and their impact on future competitive challenges.

* Language: Bahasa Indonesia

Stefu Santoso, President of Association of Culinary Professionals – Indonesia
Stefanie Kurniadi, F&B Entrepreneur, Co-Founder of

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