Why Partner with us?
Inspiring the community to design, build, and network in the best online platform for Food & Hotel industry in Asia. In this digital week, we will bring together top stakeholders of the Food & Hotel industry, where they will discuss solutions to help the industry to recover and reinforce their business.
Brand Awareness
Thought Leadership
Lead Generation
Partnership package

Headline / Keynote Sponsor

  • Brand and messaging included on all communication leading up to the Webinar
    (EDMs + Social Campaigns)
  • Logo + Branding on Live Webinar Platform
    (Main Banner)
  • 1x Opening keynote (45-50 mins) including Q&A
  • Sponsors white papers available for download
  • Receive a detailed report including polling + recording
  • 2x Showcase slots between Webinars

Thought Leadership /
Debate Sponsor

Sponsor will be part of an expert panel discussion:

  • Industry hot topic discussion
  • Receive a detailed report including polling
  • Your white paper available for download
  • Receive a recording of your session

Country Highlight Package

  • Bespoke and customised digital solutions
  • Content-driven approach
  • Half-day,full-day,multi-day options
  • Multi-platform solutions

Individual Webinar Sponsor

Sponsor can curate the topic and have an expert panel discussion or a leadership session.

  • Customised topic included in program (45mins)
  • Receive a detailed report incliuding polling
  • Your white paper available for download
  • Receive a recording of your session

Product Showcase

  • 5-minute video or short presentation
  • Product info for download
  • Polling question
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