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Burdock Tea

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Product Overview

Ahjikan's Burdock Tea are made of only quality burdock made in Japan.

Product Description

Burdock tea—also called burdock root tea—is an herbal tea made from the root of the burdock plant.
With its rich nutritional value, burdock is well-known as a traditional Chinese medicine in China and Taiwan.

Ahjikan's Burdock Tea are made of only quality burdock made in Japan.
In order to maximize the nutrition and taste of burdock, we use the whole burdock inculuding skin without exposing it to water.
Our original roasting and manufacturing method (Patented) brings out the sweetness of burdock's original flavor, so it is smelling, flavorful, mellow and easy to drink.

We only use burdock as a ingredients for this tea.
You can eat "used tea leves" or use it for other dishes after drinking tea.

In Japan,The Burdock tea market was valued at 6.2 billion yen in 2019.
Consumer awareness and interest is growing as more companies enter the market.

AHJIKAN accounts for over 60% of the total market share by company.
Since 2012, We have hold AHJIKAN has kept its No. 1 sales share for eight years in a row.

It was also named one of the 10 most popular products based on POS data for 2019.
It is the best-selling product in the Japanese health tea category.

More Information
Country of Origin Japan
Certifications (Specify) FSSC 22000
Ingredient Burdock
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