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Saga Soy Sauce

USD 2.65
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Product Overview
  • This brewed soy sauce is carefully aged using whole soybeans cultivated in the field of Saga.
  • Uses a double-structured bottle, so you could enjoy fresh soy sauce at any time.
Product Description

In 1882, we establish a soy sauce brewery in Karatsu City, Saga Prefecture. It has been 138 years since we have been making soy sauce and miso, which can be said to be the "origin of food" for Japanese people.

Rooted in tradition, refining technology, responding to the voices of people and the times, we continue to seek even more delicious, rich, and reliable taste.

Based on traditional fermentation technology, we have expanded the range of food manufacturing technology to various sauces, powdered soups, liquid soups, roasted meat sauces, noodle soups, dressings, spices, canned foods, retort foods, and frozen foods.

Miyajima soy sauce creates the future from the origin of deliciousness.

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