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SHUPPA Detergent of pure clear water, washing liquid

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Product Overview

Remove 90% of pesticide residue It protects food safety by decomposing and removing pesticide residue and dirt. When you spray product before storing vegetable, it lessens oxidation and keeps it fresh.

How to use:
Push the top of the bottle and add product into a tab of water. Clean vegetable in the tab and let it leave for 2-3 minutes (Vegetable with unsmooth surface needs to be left in the tab up to 10 minutes). Then rinse it with cold or lukewarm clean water.

Product Description

1.Comfortable and safe liquid ensured by 100% pure water.

SHUPPA uses drinking water as its raw material. This strong alkaline liquid is unsuitable for drinking, but the product safety is proved on other inspection items by Japan Food Research Laboratory.

2.Never bothered with a toxic substance.

SHUPPA does not contain chemical substance. A surfactant, for instance, is used for most detergents, and it has negative effects on human body and natural environment. When such product is used to clean surface, it is usually required to wipe the area twice to remove the substance. SHUPPA, however, requires only one wipe, because it is made of 100% pure water!

3.Three mechanisms to remove stains

Three combined effects create detergency more powerful than chemicals. [1] Abundant negative ion in SHUPPA makes stains come up, [2 ]then molecules, smaller than normal water, are infiltrated into the surface. [3] Its saponification effect creates natural surfactant effect, and it decomposes and removes stains.

4.Scientifically proved effects of sterilization and odor elimination.

Exam by Japanese Food Research Laboratory shows more than 99.9% of major bacillus coli, pseudomonad aeruginosa, and salmonella is annihilated 1 minute after using the product. Odor-causing bacteria is ablated too, and this demonstrates its odor eliminating effect. It also has high efficiency on static protection and chemical residue removal.

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Country of Origin Japan
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