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Frozen Anago Pressed Sushi

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Product Overview

It is a frozen sushi that you can enjoy an authentic Japanese taste at home.

Product Description
Can eaily enjoy an authentic Japanese anago sushi at home.

By thawing in a microwave, you can enjoy the soft texture and quality of fresh ingredients. How about as gem from Japan for highend supermarkets and highend food stores? Of course, it can also be used as a full-scale menu that dose not require cooking for Japanese restaurants and party venues.

This sushi is made with grilled anago, which is fragrant, sweet and spicy, and has a shoft and fluffy texture. Its taste is accented with shiitake and sansho pepper in the sushi rice.

More Information
Country of Origin Japan
Ingredient Rice(Japan), Simmered anago(Anago, Sugar, Soy sauce, Sake, Salt), Sushi vinegar(Rice vinegar, Sugar, Salt), Simmered shiitake(Shiitake, Soy sauce, Sugar), Tare sauce(Soy sauce, Sugar, Mizuame, Fermented seasoning, Coen starch), Sansho
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