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Fukumaneki Yuzu(Liqueur)

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Product Overview

Ingredients: Water, Citrus(Yuzu) Juice, Brewers Alcohol, High Fructose Corn Syrup, Deproteinized Honey

Product Description

This product is an authentic Japanese liqueur that uses plenty of domestically produced fragrant yuzu juice.

It contains as much as 25% Yuzu juice and you can feel the richness of drinking real fruit.

Alcohol is not so high at 8%, and it is easy for women and people who are not good at drinking.

This is a refreshing liqueur with a refreshing acidity and aroma, and an elegant sweetness.

  • Sold by the case only

1 case (720ml ×12pcs)

More Information
Country of Origin Japan
Target Market China, Hong Kong SAR, Japan
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