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Double termented soy sauce - Kajita Yasutsugu -

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Product Overview

The pride of 13 generations is fully expressed in this premier soy sauce.

Double fermented utilizing dark soy sauce and native yeasts.

This bottle truly reflects the passion and terroir of the Ozu region.

The power of Umami is extraordinary.

Family Kajita invites you to enjoy until the last drop!

Product Description

Regular soy sauce made over a period of two years using only soybeans and wheat cultivated exclusively by contract farmers for Kajita Shoten. Fermented and aged for another two years by combining the regular soy sauce with “koji (malt)”. A period over a total of four years, spending the best ingredients and time and effort, this soy sauce that has been re-fermented and aged slowly is the “saishikomi” soy sauce. It is a superb soy sauce that contains a lot of natural amino acids and has an amazingly rich and deep taste, as well as a beautifully clear, long-lasting finish. Our soy sauce is nominated by many chefs in Japan.

More Information
Country of Origin Japan
Certifications Non-GMO
reefer container
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