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TATSUMI Barley miso

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Product Overview

This traditional miso is produced with locally grown barley and soy beans.

The use of koji prior to fermentation elevates the flavorful umami taste and aroma.

The use of our miso will complement all cuisines and will enhance flavors, textures and aromas.

We offer two distinct misos. White miso enhanced with the sweetness of koji in addition and Red miso with sturdy taste of soy bean.

Product Description

Kajita Shoten’s traditional barley miso is made from barley grown here in Ehime Prefecture and domestic soybeans. Using plenty of koji (malt) and firmly matured, this is an extra mild miso. The taste that is pulled out by the power of koji makes the food taste even more attractive. The sweetness is due to the high proportion of barley koji, and the natural sweetness of wheat spreads along with the gentle smell of koji. We have received many happy voices stating, “I would like to continue using this miso”. This is pure miso that does not contain any preservatives and additives and is body-friendly even for small children.

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Certifications Non-GMO
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