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Dean&Co. Craft Soda Tosa Bergamot

10 cases mixed flavors units min. order
In stock
Product Overview

A non-alcoholic craft soda with Bergamot from Kochi pref Japan

Product Description

A non-alcoholic craft soda crafted in Kochi Pref, where is well known for the Citrus Fruits production.
The bergamot used to this product is grown in Kochi pref, Japan, by Nishigomi Citrus Orchard after 10 years of dedication.
Noble and unforgettable fragrance, and elegant citrus taste.
The carbonation process takes about 2 to 3 days and these are smooth, easy and delicate drink which goes down easy.
Goes well with any meals.

More Information
Min Order Quantity 10 cases mixed flavors
Weight (kg) 0.4
Brand Dean&Co.
Country of Origin Japan
Packaging Material Glass bottle
Package Size 50 x 50 x 185mm
Please contact this supplier for further information
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