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Ming Sheng Organic Tea Plantation

About Ming Sheng Organic Tea Plantation

Chen, Shih-Lin, the 17th generation of the farm owner’s genealogy, crossed the Taiwan Strait to Taiwan during the Qianlong period of the Ching Dynasty and, based on advice obtained through divination, settled in Bu-tang-po, which is the former name of the area near today’s Wacuo Lane in Chishui Village, Mingjian Township, Nantou County.

Chen then began his wasteland reclamation efforts, mainly in the Pakua Mountain Range. Neighbored by the Central Mountain Range to the east and facing the Taiwan Strait to the west, the Pakua Mountain Range lies at the junction of a series of mountains and a passage of water and therefore has a climate suitable for the growth of various tea varieties.

The distinct red soil in the area is rich in aluminum, manganese, and other trace elements, which contribute to the special flavor of local tea.

As the eldest in the 24th generation of the family, Chen, Ming-Chun decided to cultivate tea organically, with a view to revitalizing the brand of Mingjian tea.

ž1. Our company's organic tea farm is located in the largest organic tea producing area in Taiwan, Mingjian Township, Nantou County, with rich tea resources and lots of production.

ž2. Our tea garden is in flat terrain and so that the tea can be harvested by machines in large quantities to reduce production costs.

ž3. We also provide high quality tea which is harvested and selected by hand.

ž4. The Mingjian Township tea area has many tea varieties, which can be made into oolong tea, black tea, and green tea.

ž5. Our company is the tea supplier of LEEZEN, the largest organic store ,and of JIANMART, the second one in Taiwan.

ž6. We provide raw materials of organic tea for the manufacturers of beverage tea, soy milk tea and KOMBUCHA tea.

7. Our company has direct stores in Taiwan’s Qsquare department store and SHIN KONG MITSUKOSHI department store.

ž8. Currently we export our products to Germany and China.

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Ming Sheng Organic Tea Plantation


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