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DENEN ENVELHECIDA (made in Japan, Japanese craft made Shochu)

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Product Overview

Premium craft made sweet potato shochu, aged in the oak aged shochu. 

Product Description

First, it offers an oaky aroma like rich vanilla.
Then, a citrus aroma like grapefruit comes after.
It has a very rich aroma. Next is taste and has a strong attack and a refreshing taste
It offers subtle sweetness, well-balanced acidity, pleasant bitterness,
and light umami with good length.
This is a very unique imo (sweet potato) shochu, different from how I imagined imo shochu.

Before a meal, I recommend to have it with soda to enjoy a refreshing flavor together with cashew nuts or almonds.
During the meal, I recommend to have it with water together with charcoal-grilled sausage or thinly-sliced beef.
After the meal, having it on the rocks to savor it slowly is recommended.
Why don’t you savor DEN-EN ENVELHECIDA as I recommended?

Tokyo Whisky & Spirits Competition 2020 : Superior GOLD 

Alc. 40% 
Vol. 700ml 

More Information
Weight (kg) 1.0
Country of Origin Japan
Ingredient Sweet potato, Rice Koji
Please contact this supplier for further information. Will ship out from Japan.
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