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Lo-Carb Vitamin-rich Fitness Water - Lemon & Lime

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Product Overview

Enhance Your Performance LEGALLY & NATURALLY…

In addition, sick patients (TB and HIV/AIDS sufferers especially), the elderly, young children, in fact anyone even slightly dehydrated, normally battles to recover effectively as most of the supplements, vitamins, orally administered medicines, etc. that are taken with or without water, are passed straight through the body before they have a chance to be effective.

Our NatureZone Lo-Carb Fitness Water overcomes this with its excellent absorption rate.

Don’t you think your body deserves this?

Product Description

As the popularity of our Ionised Alkaline Water and grew, with its antioxidant and rehydration benefits, so we started receiving requests from parents, schools, health-care workers, frail-care facilities etc. for a vitamin-enriched water that is delicious, safe, natural, sugar-free, fat-free and really works..!

We subsequently took our base Ionised Alkaline Water, and added a scientifically formulated selection of natural flavourants, additional electrolytes, Himalayan Rock Salts and minerals, as well as Vitamins C, B3, B6, B12, Iron, Potassium and Magnesium, and produced a winner with our NatureZone Vitamin-Rich Fitness Water.

The electrolyte formulation for this was developed originally for the mining industry to protect and rehydrate miners working in high underground temperatures, as well as for the military operating in extremely hot tropical and desert areas, where dehydration and heat exhaustion are problematic. We tailored it slightly and found it works extremely well in the sports arena. In addition, no sucrose, glucose, fructose or aspartame is used, making it ideal for diabetics, and there is no sugary aftertaste or bloated feeling experienced after consumption, unlike most other sports drinks.

The mineral and vitamin components are actively absorbed by the body due to the low molecule cluster size of our medium (ionised alkaline water), as opposed to a lot of other vitamin supplements on the market that just end up making expensive smelling urine, and smaller quantities need to be consumed to provide the same rehydration effect as typically double the amount of other sports drinks and rehydration packs, making it ideal for cyclists, triathletes, adventure-racers and any athletes needing to carry their liquids with them. Recovery times are also slashed due to the reduction potential and antioxidant effect, eliminating lactic acids and restoring nutrients to the muscles quickly.

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