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Pura Soda Cranberry

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117 cases (1 pallet) units min. order
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Product Overview

Internationally awarded as the Best Tasting Non Alcoholic Beverage in 2019 by the Aurora International Taste Challenge panel, Pura Soda is a better-for-you soft drink / soda offering all the taste and refreshment of a soft drink with none of the bad stuff. Low Sugar, Natural Flavours, No Colourants and No Artificial Sweeteners. Recently awarded Product of the Year in the Cold Beverage Innovation Category based on consumer feedback.

Not sweet, not sour, this refreshing little Cranberry number is best served ice-cold on a hot summer’s day, or with a splash of vodka if you’re feeling cosmopolitan.

Product Description


We’ve all got #healthylifegoals, but they’re way easier to set than achieve. What if there was a fun, simple way to live a little healthier and quench your thirst a little better? There is. It’s called PURA Soda and it comes with low sugar, natural flavours and no colourants.


At PURA, we’re passionate about healthier living. That’s why our soda exists to offer you all the taste and refreshment of a soft drink, with none of the bad stuff. We call it ‘Evolved Refreshment’ and it’s our gift to you. Because in a world where far less healthier alternatives are rife, we’re here to offer you something PURA.


PURA is soda, but without sugar rushes, rude colours, artificial sweeteners and synthetic ingrediants no one can pronounce. Tasty and refreshing, PURA Soda has just five ingredients, a sprinkle of pure cane sugar and a skinny 65 calories per 330 ml can. No animal by-products either. It’s soda PURA and simple.

Sickly sweet isn’t one of our refreshing flavours. When we add sugar, we do it sparingly, to enhance the flavour rather than to be the flavour.
We don’t go for ingredients that were made in a lab. Often these strange chemical concoctions taste so sweet, change the fundamental taste of the flavour and leave an overly sweet after-taste. We now know that many artificial sweeteners are associated with nasty health risks and side effects. Just don’t go there. That’s why the small amount of sugar that you’ll find in PURA Soda is pure cane sugar, naturally.
Our flavours come from natural sources. No compromises. The original ingredients are found in nature, then purified and extracted to their pure, or should we say, PURA essence. Just refreshingly real flavour for the more discerning palate. 
We don’t do colourants. Why? Because your eyes don’t have taste buds. Artificial colourants are only added to foods and beverages to make them more visually appealing – which is why we’ve come to expect an orange-coloured drink to have an orange taste. The truth is, colourants aren’t related to flavour at all. We’re just being transparent with you.


More Information
Min Order Quantity 117 cases (1 pallet)
Color Silver with Red
Weight (kg) 8.5
Decaffeination Yes
Flavor Cranberry
Brand Pura Soda
Country of Origin South Africa
Target Market Australia, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, China, France, Germany, Hong Kong SAR, India, Israel, Italy, Japan, Netherlands, Sweden, Taiwan, Thailand, UK, United Arab Emirates, USA
Distributed in Botswana, Canada, Lesotho, Mozambique, Qatar, Seychelles, South Africa, UK, United Arab Emirates, USA, Vietnam, Zambia, Zimbabwe
Certifications Halal, Kosher, Non-GMO, Vegan
Ingredient Carbnonated water, pura cane sugar, citric acid, natural flavouring, sodium benzoate (preservative)
Package Quantity 24
Package Unit Case/Cases
Accept small order Yes
Export capability Yes
Packaging Material Aluminium can
Package Size Case of 24 units of 330ml (4 x 6-packs)
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