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Organic Muscovado Powder

1 Full Container Load min. order
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Product Overview

Raw Brown's Organic Muscovado sugar is unrefined cane sugar that contains natural molasses. it is darker brown than brown sugar and has a strong molasses flavor. The crystals are coarser than brown sugar, giving it the texture of wet sand. It has a rich brown color, moist texture, and toffee-like taste.

It’s commonly used to give confections like cookies, cakes, and candies a deeper flavor but can also be added to savory dishes.

Product Description

Organic Raw Brown's Muscovado is a type of unrefined sugar with a strong molasses flavour. It is an unrefined or “raw” sugar, meaning the molasses has not been removed. It’s made only from sugar cane. Cane extract is heated, and then the liquid is allowed to evaporate until the sugar residue remains. It is very dark brown in colour, and slightly coarser and stickier than most brown sugars, giving it the texture of wet sand. Unlike most brown sugars, which are composed of refined white sugar with molasses added, muscovado takes its flavour and colour from the sugarcane juice it is made from. It offers good resistance to high temperatures and has a reasonably good shelf life. The unrefined sugar goes well with coffee and other beverages. Muscovado is well known for its distinct flavourful taste and is also known to be the purest form of sugar. It is completely free from any harmful chemicals such as phosphoric acid, formic acid, sulphur dioxide, preservatives, or any flocculants, surfactants, bleaching agents or viscosity modifiers.

In the Philippines, muscovado is also known as "Barbados sugar" or "moist sugar" but in Antique we called it Kalamay. It is commonly used in rice cakes, banana cues, adobos, baking recipes and making whiskey. Muscovado sugar can be used in most recipes where brown sugar is called for.  It is a healthier alternative to white refined or other brown sugars, and even honey, as when produced under regulated conditions, it is nutritionally richer in terms of minerals inherent in sugarcane juice like calcium, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, and potassium.

More Information
Min Order Quantity 1 Full Container Load
Weight (kg) 15000
Brand Raw Brown
Country of Origin Philippines
Certifications Organic
Certifications (Specify) JAS, EU, Korean Organic System, Taiwan Organic System and NOP Organic Certifications
Ingredient 100% Sugarcane juice
Accept small order No
Export capability Yes
Package Quantity 12000
Package Unit Case/Cases
Packaging Material PET PE
Sea Freight
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