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320packages/20cartons/sku units min. order
In stock
Product Overview

JAN CODE: 4902042 100365  ITF CODE: 14902042 100362

Quantity in a Package: 65G

Number of Packages in one carton: 16packages

Ingredients: Flower(Hokkaido), Suger(Hokkaido), Starch(Hokkaido), Milk(Hokkaido), Egg(Hokkido), Fresh Cream(Hokkaido), Salt(Hokkaido), Food Additive: Swelling Agent(Japan).

Shelf Life: 300days

Outer Carton Size: 365*275*H225(mm), M3: 0.022

Gross Weight: 1.4kgs, Net Weight: 1.1kgs

Maximum Cartons in Container(20'DR, no palletizing): 1,260cartons/ 20,160pieces

Product Description


The new released 2020!  "Hokkaido Milk Soft Cracker 65G" meets the needs of the market by setting a low net weight and low price.(The difference from "Hokkaido Milk Soft Cracker 100G" is the net weight and the number of carton)

"Hokkaido Milk Soft Cracker" is our company best seller product, it has sold 110,000 bags in China at 2019 and the supply volumes continues to increase year by year. in our research, "Hokkaido Milk Soft Cracker" is favored by many housewives in their 30s - 40s. What does that achievement mean? It mean that it is supported not only by housewives but also by "kids". Friendly Package design, Package with zippers that are convinient for storage, "Soft and crisp texture, and kindly Milk Flavor" that kids can eat without discomfort, safe and secure "Hokkaido(北海道) raw materials", Non MSG, trans fat free, etc... This product contains many positive elements.
Please try the collaboration between milk and this cracker. We promise your satisfaction!

More Information
Min Order Quantity 320packages/20cartons/sku
Can be Customized Yes
Non-Stick Yes
Weight (kg) 0.0650
Decaffeination Yes
Flavor Rich milk and egg
Country of Origin Japan
Package Size L65*W160*H200(mm)
Packaging Material PP
To be arranged by the buyer (Both direct or indirect trading are possible. Please contact us)
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