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Fermented Organic Green Tea

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Product Overview

1.Increase the amounts of slimming hormones and make your skin beautiful! "TEADENOL A · B"

2.Make your body difficult to get fat! "GALLIC ACID "

3.Work on visceral fat strongly! " POLYMERIZED CATECHIN"1

Product Description

This tea is fermented with the power of Aspergillus niger (a type of microorganism).
The well-known pu-erh tea is also made through a process of fermentation. However, microorganisms are actually thought to play a relatively small role in its making. Instead, the fermentation of pu-erh tea takes place as a result of the workings of oxidases, hydrolytic enzymes, and other enzymes found within the tea leaves themselves. Thus, pu-erh tea is not an example of the long-established practice of fermentation by way of the natural functions of fermentative microorganisms.
Due to differences such as these, Organic Fermented Green Tea is the preferred choice, ahead of even the well-known pu-erh tea.

♦How to make
Put 1 tea bag in a teapot and pour 1 liter of hot water, the color and fragrance will appear in about 2 - 3 minutes.

•Pour about 1 liter of the boiled water over the teabag and leave it for a couple of minutes
•Once color and scent show, remove the teabag and pour the tea into a cup to drink
*Please note that leaving the teabag in for longer time or boiling the tea in a kettle will give the tea a bitter flavor.

♦It tastes great, whether hot or chilled with ice.
•Drinking standard
600 - 800 ml per day. It is recommended that you drink 200 ml each time in several times.

♦Effective Drinking Time
At meal time.. During meals, it will be difficult to get fat due to the block effect of fat absorption.
Before bathing, before exercise... Drink before fat burning will make the fat burn easily.

♦A pleasant daily drink for everyone
We use patented manufacturing method to ferment the Japanese organic tea leaves. It is ease, safe and good to our body. The taste and scent of the tea matches with any dish so you could enjoy it during meal.


Increase the amounts of slimming hormones and make your skin beautiful! "TEADENOL A · B"
A new kind of polyphenol "TEADENOL A · B", discovered by "microbial fermentation" of tea leaves. It is a kind of "slimming hormone" that suppresses the burning of fat and the accumulation of visceral fat. Adiponectin helps to increase the slimming hormone in blood and t has also been confirmed that it suppresses melanin formation on skin.

Make your body difficult to get fat! "GALLIC ACID "
The natural ingredient "Gallic Acid" contained in fermented tea and it helps to block the absorption of fat in the intestine. Fat that has not been absorbed will be discharged outside the body, so it will be difficult for the body to get fat.

Work on visceral fat strongly! " POLYMERIZED CATECHIN"
"Catechin" is one type of polyphenol and "Polymerized Catechin" is catechin changed from the fermentation. Since the molecule is larger than single catechin, it could help the absorption of fat and sugar more. It also works on visceral fat and helps to control the level of cholesterol and neutral fat.


[Developed first in the industry]
Storing Tea Leaves with a Hairpin-Coil Cooling System.

The green tea is produced in the limited period of the time between April and June. For that reason, in order to ship products of a consistently high quality throughout the year, it is extremely important to store and keep tea leaves fresh , immediately after being picked.
In order to maintain that level of freshness, we have become the first company in the tea industry to adopt a cooling system using hairpin coils, a method that is also used in the storage of goods such as fresh fish. This allows us to keep our tea leaves in a state as close as possible to freshly-picked.

♦Compare with general fermented greentea “Pu'er” tea.

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