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Campofrío Selección Ibérico Bellota Ham_Deboned

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Product Overview

Bellota Ibérico Ham Deboned -  min. 24 months curing time

Variable weight, approx. 4,5 kg.

Product Description

Ibérico ham is a symbol of Spanish premium gastronomy and considered one of the four most exquisite delicacies in western culture, alongside caviar, foie grass and truffles. It is at the same time delicious, nutritive and exclusive from Spanish culture. 

Campofrio Selección Ibérico Bellota Ham comes from the best raw material: iberian pigs raised in their natural environment, "The Dehesa", which primarily are fed with acorns during the "Montanera" grazing season. The result is an exclusive and exquisite product, unique in the world.

Starting with carefully selected raw material, coming from Iberian pigs fed on aromatic herbs and acorns, to ensure the end product is of excellent quality, our Ibérico Bellota ham is a traditional specialty which Campofrio has been able to maintain by reproducing the slow passing of time and the typical Spanish environmental conditions that guarantee a perfect finish for our product.
Thus, ham production is a unique process that goes through three phases:
1.    Preparing the raw material.
2.    Curing, for at last 24 months
3.    Final selection

Ibérico Bellota Ham is a highly nutritious product due to its beneficial fats, antoxidants, vitamins and minerals, a key supplement to the Mediterranean diet

More Information
Meat Variety Iberian pork
Meat Type Iberico Bellota Ham
Brand Campofrío Selección
Country of Origin Spain
Target Market China, Japan, Vietnam
Distributed in China, Japan
Certifications (Specify) IFS, BRC; AENOR
Packaging Material Vacuum packed
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