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[DaGuan Organic Tea]High Altitude Pure Oolong Tea / 75g /

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Product Description

About this item:

  • Made by Green Tip Oolong Variety.
  • Light oxidation (~20%) with roasted slightly.
  • Floral scent at the beginning and then a bit fruity in aftertaste. 
  • Fresh flavor, more body than green tea. Great choice for day time drinking.

Special Features:

  • Hand-pick the most tender sprout (1 tip 3~4 young leaves)
  • Only uses spring harvest to ensure the fresh flavor
  • Floral scent, lily and jasmine like flowery aroma due to it special climate conditions.
  • Less than 2% of moisture. Capable for long time storage

What's High Altitude Tea (High Mountain Tea)?

  • Tea trees are cultivated in high altitude, at least 3,300 feet above sea level
  • High altitude tea in Taiwan are referred to as semi-oxidized tea, called Oolong Tea.
  • Light oxidation (~20%) brings out floral, sweet, and milky flavors.
  • Beautiful , elegant, delicate and creamy flavors are it key features
  • Known as Taiwan specialty in recent 2 decades for its unique complexity and depth and highly sought after by tea lovers

Detail Description:

Taiwan is a mountainous island.The island has the largest number and density of high mountains in the world

When we say high mountain tea, we are referring to High altitude teas, and the altitude is at least 1,000 meters (3,300 feet) above sea level.
Extreme climates like high moisture, low temperature and large temperature change from day to nighttime, offering the tea trees tougher growing conditions, and eventually develop more intense aroma and fragrance, elegant florals , vegetal sweetness, and creamy flavors.
They are common characteristics found in high altitude teas.
There are teas grown at high elevations in other countries as well, but in general High Mountain Tea refers to the high mountain oolong teas of Taiwan in the industry.

So “DaGuan Premium High Mountain Pure Oolong” is a products in this category. It’s semi-oxidized for about 20%.The light oxidation brings out floral, sweet, and milky flavors while keeping the leaves a vibrant green color.This gentle processing allows the beautiful flavor and aromas generated from the oxidation process to shine through.

The most tender leaf in spring harvest are all plucked by hand. The best material combines with the most delicate manufacturing process makes the Premium quality . It comes with all of the high altitude tea’s beautiful features while dried adequately that you don’t have to worry about the quality decay after long time storage.

More Information
Min Order Quantity 1
Brand Da Guan Organic Tea
Country of Origin Taiwan
Certifications BIO
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