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Fazer Oat Rice

100 min. order
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Fazer Oat Rice
Product Overview

Product description: Fazer Oat rice Organic is a delicious climate friendly rice made from organic Nordic oats. It has a better nutritional profile than conventional rice through a higher protein and dietary fibre content and lower content of carbohydrates. With great texture and a mild taste oat rice is perfect in all your favorite rice dishes and with a boiling time of only 13 min it’s easy and convenient to prepare. 

Product Description

Fazer Oat rice made from Nordic oats – delicious, healthy & sustainable!


With Oat rice you get a rice with a mild and pleasant flavour making it the perfect replacement for conventional white rice in all your favourite dishes when you look for healthier and more sustainable food for you and your family. Not only does it replace white rice, it’s also a perfect ingredient in baking and as roasted topping on a yoghurt.


Oat rice contains 67% more protein, 7,5 times more dietary fibre and 26% less carbohydrates than white par-boiled rice* which makes it a filling food that keeps you going throughout the day. Oats is also a natural source ofgoodunsaturated fats and beta-glucans lowering the cholesterol.

  • Natural source of protein
  • Rich in fiber
  • Sustainable choice
More Information
Min Order Quantity 100
Can be Customized Yes
Country of Origin Sweden
Ingredient Organic oat kernels
Export continents ASIA
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