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Tokusen Wagyu

About Tokusen Wagyu

Wagyu: The Best Beef In The World

The most prominent characteristic of wagyu is the marbled fat distributed through the muscle fibers known as “shimofuri” in Japan. The fine texture of wagyu gives an extremely melt-in-the-mouth quality, a superb balance between tenderness and chewiness.
Wagyu is also known for its sweet, full-bodied aroma known as “wagyuko” or beef aroma. When cooking, wagyu is known to give off aroma that is likened to coconut or fruit. This beef aroma serves to further draw out the great taste of wagyu. All the best qualities of wagyu will satisfy all senses of humanity and has the potential to significantly change beef cuisine in countries around the world.


Best Environment For Wagyu Cattle

Every wagyu cattle is raised lovingly by feeding specialist in the vast open spaces of Japan. In addition to a well-managed environment, a carefully designed diet is served to the cattle, which only includes rice, hay, wheat and bran from the best kind.
All the wagyu cattle are bred with human compassion and attention. They kept in a tender-loving care to keep them stress-free, in hope that they will produce a great tasting beef. Outstanding production technologies and the pride of the master in pursuit of perfect wagyu gives way to a superior quality found nowhere else in the world.


About Tokusen Wagyu

In Tokusen farm, we crossbreed our wagyu with other breeds. Raising this breed to reach its best potential requires following traditional Japanese methods. This includes feeding a speciality feed for a year longer than conventional cattle and offering attentive, individual care. We nurture A TRUE BLOOD Wagyu cattle.

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Tokusen Wagyu

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