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OKARADA BAR Nuts & Beands / organic, gluten free, protein, cookie

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Product Overview

OKARADA is a material that responds to a healthy "food" style.

Focusing on "okara", a by-product of manufacturing tofu, an ancient Japanese nutritional food born from soybeans.

Okara powder, a dry fine powder that is made by removing water from okara, is a nutritious material that is good for the body and is rich in "low sugar," "high protein," and "dietary fiber."

Okara powder is less sticky and tends to have a dry texture when made into sweets, but with the experience and technology of Lapin Co., Ltd., which has been baking delicious, safe and secure bread for over 20 years, okara powder Based on this, we have created a healthy baked confectionery series that does not use flour = gluten-free and has a fragrant and good texture.


Product Description

We have been operating a bakery based in Suita City since 1999. Currently, there is one bakery store, one kushikatsu store, and one confectionery wholesale business.

Three years ago, we focused on the growing awareness of health and environmental issues in the world, and launched a new business that makes use of Japan's proud superfood, okara powder.

Although many sweets using okara have been sold in the past, there were only products that had a texture that clogged the throat of okara and products that had flour added. I have been making bread for almost 30 years. Taking advantage of this, we repeated trial production, and this time we have established the know-how of making dough that is easy to melt only with okara without using wheat. There are 3 types of bars. Nuts and beans with a lot of dietary fiber Cacao and nuts with a lot of polyphenols We made ginger and herbs that warm the body with domestically produced ginger.

The reason for sticking to okara powder is its high nutritional value. Half of the ingredients are dietary fiber, 20% is protein, and 1/8 of the sugar is compared to wheat flour and rice flour. 

Two years ago, the effects of okara powder were introduced on TV and magazines and became popular, and supermarkets all over Japan temporarily lost okara powder. For okara powder

1. Adiponectin, a thin hormone, is good for dieting,

2. Lower blood sugar to prevent diabetes,

3. Repair blood vessels to prevent arteriosclerosis,

4. Preventing cancer by suppressing the increase of malignant tumors.

Now its popularity has settled down. It seems that using okara powder for cooking does not take root.

In order for Okara to continue to be used sustainably, developing and selling products using Okara powder will lead to a sustainable business.




More Information
Min Order Quantity 30
Weight (kg) 0.03
Flavor Nuts & Beands
Country of Origin Japan
Certifications Gluten Free
Ingredient egg, soybean puff, butter, erythritol, okara powder, walnut, indigestible dextrin, millet sugar, peanut, almond, coconut, obaco powder
Package Size 16cm×5.5cm×2cm
Packaging Material paper
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