Business Breakfast
A unique series of events hosted across various
cities with engaging content delivered by
thought-leaders and researchers, followed by
a networking session for industry professionals.
Business Breakfast
A unique series of events hosted across various
cities with engaging content delivered by
thought-leaders and researchers, followed by
a networking session for industry professionals.


Navigating Tomorrow: Unveiling Consumer Trends and Innovations in Product Development

Event Details

Thursday, 18 January 2024
10.00 AM (London, UK)

This session will be delivered in English

London, UK
Informa, 19th Floor, 240 Blackfriars London SE18BF

Session Introduction

Embark on a transformative journey at our upcoming event as experts from Euromonitor International explore consumer trends and their dynamic relationship with new product development. Participants will uncover insights that reshape industries by delving into the DNA of consumer preferences for 2024 and gain valuable perspectives on how these trends serve as catalysts for innovation, paving the way for the future of consumer-driven markets.

A highlight of the event is an exclusive preview of Euromonitor's cutting-edge Innovation platform, offering insights into spotting, tracking, and analysing new product launches from inception to obsolescence.

The event is not just about insights; it's an opportunity to engage with thought leaders and professionals, share experiences and glean insights that will empower you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer-driven markets, ensuring your strategies align with the pulse of tomorrow's trends.

• Uncover Insights that Reshape Industries:

Dive deep into the forces driving consumer behaviour worldwide. Learn how these trends not only shape demand but also serve as catalysts for ground-breaking developments in product creation. From wellness to sustainability, we'll decode the DNA of consumer preferences for 2024 and their profound impact on industry dynamics.

• Rethink Your Approach to Product Development:

Gain an exclusive preview to Euromonitor’s NEW! Innovation platform that spots, tracks and analyses new launches from roll-out to phase-out. Learn about strategies that brands employ when crafting products that resonate with the pulse of global consumers. Discover the secrets of staying ahead in a world where innovation is key.

• Connect with Visionaries and Peers:

Forge valuable connections with thought leaders and professionals from diverse sectors. Engage in stimulating discussions, share experiences, and glean insights that will empower you to navigate the ever-changing landscape of consumer-driven markets.


Embark on a transformative journey into the heart of consumer trends with our upcoming event! Join industry leaders and innovators for an exploration into the dynamic relationship between global consumer trends and the ever-evolving landscape of new product development.

• Unlock the power of Euromonitor’s Global Consumer Trends 2024 – Karolina Grigorijevaite, Team Lead - Innovation (20 min)

• Inspire your next innovation with critical insight on new product launches – Stella Vatcheva, Senior Head of Practice Innovation (10 min)

• Watch innovation come to life: How NPD addresses changing consumer demand – Zora Milenkovic, Head of Food & Beverage; Stella Vatcheva, Senior Head of Practice Innovation; Alison Angus, Head of Innovation (20 min)

• Q&A and Networking (40 min)

About The Speaker

Karolina Grigorijevaite

Team Lead - Innovation, Euromonitor International

Karolina is a seasoned and engaging public speaker, stemming from her extensive experience of working with clients across different industries and geographies. As an Innovation manager, Karolina is responsible for managing unique research projects with a focus on trend mapping, sizing the prize, and providing strategic foresight for leading CPG businesses.

Karolina has extensive experience working across 50+ projects on retail, packaged food, beauty and personal care and consumer health industries, partnering with clients to better understand their value chain, markets, consumers, and the long-term trends impacting their industry. Karolina has experience partnering with clients across all areas of the innovation stage gate process, including idea generation, trend mapping, sizing the prize, and concept testing. She has a breadth of experience supporting clients as they assess market expansion opportunities, challenge their internal assumptions, and refine their growth strategy. Karolina has a history of strong client engagement and public speaking, presenting the research findings to wide audiences and senior stakeholders and driving interactive workshop sessions aimed at idea generation.

Zora Milenkovic

Head of Food & Beverage, Euromonitor International

Zora is a Head of Research at Euromonitor International with a focus on drinks and tobacco. Based in London, she has more than two decades of experience in these industries.

Zora is responsible for Euromonitor’s global data and analysis on drinks, tobacco, cannabis and packaging, specialising in future trends impacting these industries, from Consumer Need States to Water Scarcity and linking them to the wider consumer space.

Zora advises clients across the full range of these industries, advising them on consumer drivers such as Changing Occasions, Blurred Lines, Wellness, Natural Ingredients, Novel Delivery Mechanisms and Sustainability.

Stella Vatcheva

Senior Head of Practice Innovation, Euromonitor International

Stella works closely with strategy and growth focused clients across the innovation stage-gate process. Our collaboration extends from identifying key pillars for future innovation, assessing market potential, making the business case for new product development, evaluating alternative business models and tailoring a go-to-market strategy for product launch.

Stella’s experience spans across 100+ custom projects for multinationals and dynamic start-ups alike. The breadth of her cross-industry knowledge and broad geographic experience enable her to identify early signals of industry threats, understand the strategic thinking across the organisational chart, and partner with clients to proactively address these.

Stella holds a diploma in Innovation in the Age of Disruption from INSEAD, and an MBA from Cranfield University.


This a free-to-attend event for trade professionals. There is a seating capacity limit. Please note, only attendees with a valid confirmation code will be allowed to attend.

Registration will close on 17 January 2024

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