The H2O Revolution: Premium Hydration is a top beverage trend from #WaterTok and functional water and flavour-enhanced H2O

In the ever-evolving landscape of beverage trends, 2024 is set to quench our thirst with the most basic drink known to mankind.

21 February 2024

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In the ever-evolving landscape of beverage trends, 2024 is set to quench our thirst with the most basic drink known to mankind. Welcome to the era of premium hydration, where water goes beyond mere sustenance and enters the realms of #WaterTok, functional water, and flavour-enhanced H2O.

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Over the past few years, water has snagged itself a cool-factor edge. Google searches for “hydration’’ have almost doubled over the past five years while new apps such as WaterMinder and Hydro Coach, that remind you to drink water have burst onto the scene and Instagram posts and reels urge you to #stayhydated.

It’s not just plain old water that’s become the coolest drink around.

Functional health beverages are experiencing a remarkable surge in Asia, with a projected growth rate of 9.5% over the next four years, according to market research firm Statista.  

  Photo Credit: Coca-Cola Company    


Big players like PepsiCo and Coca-Cola too have embraced the functional health beverage trend. Coca-Cola has the Zendaya- marketed SmartWater+ which offers enhanced hydration with added electrolytes. PepsiCo’s LIFEWTR, is selling premium water aimed at bolstering the immune system.

Remember when Jennifer Aniston championed the hydration cause? Well, she was just the tip of the iceberg. Celebrities across the board jumped on the hydration wagon, boasting about their daily water intake like it was the elixir of eternal youth. From Beyoncé to Cameron Diaz, everyone started treating water as the new celebrity-endorsed workout, and hydration became the coolest trend since sliced bread.

From Kombucha to Kefir and “clean caffeine” to drinks that support better sleep there is no shortage of beverage innovation. Wellness is no longer a fad–it’s now ingrained in the very fabric of the beverage industry. So, let’s dive into the top trends in hydration.

The Hydration Accessory Frenzy

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If you thought a regular water bottle was enough, think again. Welcome to the era of Bluetooth-connected bottles, designer water containers, and even a Chanel water bottle making its grand entrance at the Grammys — Maggie Rogers, who was nominated in the Best New Artist category, carried a reusable water bottle from the fashion house as her stand-out accessory. The hydration-accessory market is booming, with consumers buying into the idea that the vessel matters as much as the liquid inside.

#WaterTok – Elevating Water to an Art Form

Enter TikTok’s #WaterTok, where water is no longer just a plain old drink but a canvas for creativity. TikTok influencers show off elaborate “water bars’’ stocked with sugar-free syrups and low-calorie powders to transform simple tap water into themed concoctions. Salted Caramel and Pistachio Latte are some examples in this visually stunning water world.

Since this trend exploded last year, the use of #WaterTok has surged, amassing over a few 100 million views and 87,000 posts.

The Functional Beverage Evolution

Photo Credit:Doctor.V

From energy and focus enhancers to relaxation and recovery solutions, the market is bubbling with creativity. YATE, an energy tea with yerba-mate, and Doctor V’s drinks made from wild, hand-picked herbs and berries sourced from the Arctic Circle, are just a glimpse into the future of energising beverages.

Gut and Immune Boosters

Photo Credit: Poppi

Functional beverages are no longer just thirst quenchers, they are here to boost your gut health and immune system. Poppi, a prebiotic soda enriched with Apple Cider Vinegar, and Immune Tea from Tetley are at the forefront of this health-conscious movement.

Relaxation and Recovery Solutions

Photo Credit: Soulboost

SoulBoost, PepsiCo’s functional sparkling water, is made with real fruit juices and L-theanine, a nootropic known to foster relaxation.

Photo Credit: Just Legends

While Sleep & Recovery Lemon aims to promote sleep and is targeted at gamers and those spending extended periods in front of screens.

Water-Infused Alcohol

Photo Credit: Funny Water

For those who want a dose of fun combined with wellness, there’s Funny Water—an alcohol-infused water with no bubbles. Party hard with a Low-ABV beverage and ‘drink responsibly to behave irresponsibly’ as their tagline goes. There are several flavours to choose from ranging from Blueberry Açaí and Ginger Lemon to Cucumber Mint, and Jalapeño Lime.

As we raise our glasses to premium hydration, we’re not just toasting to a beverage trend. We’re celebrating a cultural shift towards a healthier, more conscious way of quenching our thirst. Whether it’s #WaterTok, immunity-boosting elixirs or watered-down alcohol, 2024 is all about sipping with style and substance.

Cheers to the H2O revolution!

Author: Pooja Thakur

Pooja Thakur is a senior journalist, writer, and editor with over 20 years of experience in print and digital media and in creating custom content for periodicals. She has been a long-serving senior reporter at Bloomberg News covering areas such as real estate, stocks and personal finance and inventing across markets with a focus on Southeast Asia and India. In her free time, she enjoys scuba diving, rucking and finding the newest watering hole in town.

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